Create, share, accept, and track digital coupons and cards for your business.

Squibly coupons work on Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and more. Loyalty cards and gift cards are currently available only on iOS devices with Passbook.

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Easy, Convenient, and Versatile

Your customers simply download Squibly coupons, gift cards, or loyalty cards to Passbook on their iPhone and Squibly does the rest. Squibly's coupons work on any device. Mobile device coupons and cards reduce or eliminate traditional printing and distribution costs, while providing capabilities and features not available with printed media.

Create Promotions, Loyalty Cards, and Gift Cards

Create a variety of coupons and cards that your customers can carry on their mobile devices running iOS 6. No more forgotten or lost coupons or cards. Also, reduce or eliminate the cost of printing and handling traditional coupons and cards.

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Share via Social Media, Your Website, or Email

Leverage Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites to publish your coupons and cards at the touch of a button. Or email your coupons and cards to customers directly. Also, if your business has a website, cut and paste the included Squibly widget into your website to provide a coupon and card generator on your own website. Squibly provides flexible sharing options that can be used with virtually any social media site.

Accept and Track Results

Use the Squibly's barcode scanner to redeem coupons and accept loyalty and gift cards. Squibly warns you if the coupon or card you've scanned is expired, overused, or has been voided. In addition, Squibly lets you know which coupons and cards your customers are using.

Location-Based Reminders

Since Squibly is location aware your promotions, loyalty cards, and gift cards can automatically remind customers when they're near your business.

Expiration Date Reminders

Squibly coupons and cards can also remind your customers know when their coupons or cards are about to expire.

Available on the App Store

A complete coupon and card solution for your business available at a great price on the App Store.

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